Living with COVID-19, No we’re NOT infected

The Coronavirus hasn’t made it to Cimarron yet, but I am certain it will. As isolated as Cimarron might be, we still have quite a bit of traffic heading through town, with a significant number of them stopping for gas, groceries and other reasons. The licenses plates say they are from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado. Occasionally we will see a car, truck or RV from some other location. Have they been exposed, who knows? They may not even know themselves.

We just learned that Philmont will be closed to the public until April 1st. Many of the scheduled activities at the ranch have been cancelled, and we have seen our last visitors at the NSM for the month of March. We also know that Cimarron Schools will be on an extended Spring Break starting tomorrow and continuing through April 6th.

As you may recall I went back to college this spring to earn a Master’s degree. Spring Break for me was business as usual, at least as far as work and life are concerned. One challenge of all of this is getting a routine set. While I am totally comfortable with distance learning and the technology finding the rhythm has been a challenge.

I wonder what is next on the horizon? Only time will tell. Most importantly, I am confident that this too shall pass. Stay safe and remember to wash your hands.

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