Cimarron High School at Drama Fest

The Cimarron High SchoolĀ  Drama Club participated in the 2020 Drama Fest at Eastern New Mexico University this weekend. The club comprised of eight students and their advisor performed the one-act play, “Bad Auditions by Bad Actors.” While at the event, the students also participated in workshops designed to help them develop their skills.

For their efforts the Drama Club was recognized with an award of excellence for casting. Probably the most impressive part of this accomplishment is the students were self-directed for a couple of weeks while their advisor (teacher) was unable to be at school due to a medical issue with her daughter.

“I’m not going to allow your stupid phone from letting me do what I have been entrusted to do.” Casting Director to the Assistant Casting Director during “Bad Auditions by Bad Actors at ENMU DramaFest.”
“It’s not a stupid phone it’s a SMART phone.”
Bringing your acting coach to an audition isn’t likely to be well received, particularly if he is giving you advice during the audition, and the advice isn’t that good to start with.
Just channel your inner Rocky Balboa doing Romeo and Juliette. I can’t see it either.
This free spirit promised to maybe memorize the lines as long as she was the main girl. Sort of.
Method actors will do what ever it takes to get the role and deliver the scene. Can’t say the assistant casting director was all that excited about his part in the audition.
“If I tell you I am doing a monologue and I do a modern dance piece, will you be angry with me?”

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