Cimarron High School Drama Club

Eight students under the direction of Miss Fleming, who is actually the High School Science teacher but has a heart for the theater, are in Portales at Eastern New Mexico for the 65th annual ENMU Drama Festival. They will be performing a short, one-act play called, “Bad Auditions for Bad Actors” on Thursday, February 20th in the ENMU Theater.

Over the last few months the students have raised more than $2,000 to pay for the materials to produce their play and to cover the costs to travel to the festival.

Here are some images from their rehearsals and a public performance prior to arriving at ENMU.

Performing before a live audience in Cimarron as a final dress rehearsal.
Front row seats are hard to come by here in the cafeteria.
Method actor at work here
The audience enjoyed the performance.
“What have you done to my Juliette?”
“That was either the best or the worse audition ever.”
“Just let me warm up and I will be ready for my audition.”
“If I say monologue and do a modern dance number, will you be mad?

I’ll post some samples from their performance next time.

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