43rd Annual Shovel Races – Angel Fire New Mexico

Imagine sitting on an aluminum snow shovel and sliding down a mountain at 60 – 70 miles per hour. Well for 43 years people have been doing just that on the slopes of the Angel Fire Ski Resort. Unfortunately, my first visit to the World Famous Shovel Races looks like it will be the last time the event is being held. Organizers have said that lack of interest from participants, spectators and sponsors have forced them to make the difficult decision to cancel the event after this year. A decision that isn’t setting well with everyone.

  Customized shovels and signs supporting the return of the Shovel Races in 2021
Riders customize the look of their shovel to reflect their tastes and personality,
With the announcement of the final shovel races, participants and spectators showed up to demonstrate their support.

I spoke with a few racers about why they liked to shovel race and here’s what they said.

Shovel racing certainly isn’t for everyone, and some start younger than others but none the less, it can be a family affair and for me, an opportunity I won’t likely get a chance to try anytime soon.

With Speeds up to 65 MPH it takes a special person to ride a shovel down a ski hill
Getting started early probably helps in the long term development of a snow shovel rider.
The Angel Fire Trail Maintenance crew worked hard all day to keep the course in safe condition.
Some people stick with the basic shovel design.
It’s too bad organizers have decided to pull the plug on this unique and local event. Maybe someone will come along and be the catalyst to bring it back in 2021.

Link to Shovel Race Story on YouTube

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